XEOS Imaging aims to be recognized in the industry for the quality and precision of its products and services, its high performance level and its pleasant and harmonious working environment.


XEOS Imaging was created in 2004. The company then specialized in corridor digital aerial photography such as pipelines, power line networks and roads.

In 2005, a partnership with a Puerto Rican company provided a foothold in the Caribbean where several mandates were completed. At the same time, the first LiDAR acquisition projects took place.

In 2014, XEOS Imaging purchased the best performing camera on the market, Microsoft’s UltraCam Falcon Prime. The company moved forward with a line of investment in new equipment: a 400-kHz LiDAR Riegl LMS-Q680i in 2015, a Riegl VQ-780i in December 2017, a Riegl VQ-780ii in 2020, and a 493.5 Mpixels digital oblique UrbanMapper-2P camera in 2021.

In 2021, XEOS Imaging implements its XEOS 3D City program. The company is the first in Canada to offer highly accurate 3D models covering entire cities. Using the latest technologies and its very own, always evolving Artificial Intelligence tools, XEOS Imaging can generate unparalleled high quality data.

XEOS Imaging stands out from competition through its innovations, the expertise of its team and the performance of its equipment.

With employee working for the company for an average of more than 6 years, the team’s well-being is noticeable in the quality of work we do for our clients.

Missions and Values

XEOS Imaging offers top-quality digital aerial imagery and LiDAR solutions and highly competitive delivery timeframes. The company is committed to an ongoing process of technological innovation and takes pride in its personalized customer service.

XEOS Imaging, a human company

  1. The success of our clients: Our goal is to play a significant role in our clients’ successes. For us, our clients’ successes are as important and gratifying as our own.
  2. Teamwork based approach:  making the most of the strengths and talents of each individual. We are convinced that performance and personal growth goes hand in hand.

Refining talents

Each individual benefits from improving his skills. Other people’s talents are not a threat – they are complementary and an opportunity to learn.

Acknowledging individual’s right to make a mistake

Errors are part of the learning process. Negligence, however, is not tolerated.

Adopting a constructive approach

We don’t offer excuses, we look for solutions. Once a solution has been found, the team works together to ensure its success.

Team spirit is the key

Each team member is happy to see the others succeed, ready to acknowledge each other talents and willing to ask one another for advice. The success of the team is credited to all and grows out of the individual contributions of its members.

Being proactive

Each team member is responsible for positive and concrete contributions to help maintain a harmonious and productive atmosphere.

Work can contribute to self-fulfilment

We must not settle to be good, we must not settle to be the bests, we have to set up means to be happy.

 Daring to trust others

We believe in responsibilities, not control.

Management Team

Tony St-Pierre, F.Eng., Surveyor
President and Associate

Active in the acquisition of aerial photographic and LiDAR data since 1992, Mr. St-Pierre is a leader in the field. His extensive expertise and professionalism instil a business philosophy based on data quality and customer satisfaction. Tony leads the team with his fierce perseverance and his questionable foosball skills.

Simon Flamand, M.Sc.
Project Manager and Associate

After working out of Canada for many years in project management related positions, Mr. Flamand comes back to Quebec and joins the XEOS Imaging’s team in 2017. Partner in the company since 2020, Simon combines his Bachelor’s degree in Geography, his Master’s degree in Geomatics and his international experience to skillfully be the Jack of all trades (master of a few only…) of the company.

Guillaume Bédard, Surveyor
Project Manager and Associate

Surveyor in Photogrammetry with a Bachelor’s degree in Geomatics, Mr. Bédard joined the XEOS Imaging’s team in 2015 and is Partner in the company since 2020. Working in the aerial photography and LiDAR survey industry since his graduation in 2012, he is an expert in georeferenced airborne data processing. Guillaume has all the answers (almost) when it comes down to GPS precision or LiDAR data.

Our Commitment to Quality

XEOS Imaging’s actions are driven by quality, whether it is for project achievement as well as company management.

As client’s satisfaction is the core of our priorities, we continuously develop tools and methodologies to optimize our processes. We promote innovation and we adhere to a quality management program based-on the ISO 9001 international standard. XEOS Imaging is ISO 9001 certified and the scope of our registration is: Aerial imagery and LiDAR survey services.

Together with our employees, the management team is committed to constantly improve the quality of delivered products and services and refining our project management practices.  To achieve this, we believe that certain core values must be put upfront:

  • Customer oriented vision
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Team Work

This is our commitment, one that we will always adhere to.

Our Environmental Contribution

XEOS Imaging’s team is concerned by the preservation of the environment. To compensate the emission of greenhouse gas generated by the use of aviation fuel, XEOS Imaging is committed to finance the reforestation of trees in the Province of Quebec, Canada. This initiative, along with many daily actions such as recycling, reuse, reducing the use of paper and over packed products, etc., contributes to reduce our environmental footprint.

We are lucky enough to live in a rich and diversified ecosystem. We have the responsibility to preserve it for the generations to come.