Image processing

No matter what you need, XEOS Imaging can create the right product for you:

  • Conventional orthomosaic : The images are assembled to form an orthomosaic of the entire area. The final result is positioned over the space with the utmost precision. Each image in the orthomosaic is rectified for scale, ground level perspective and lens distortion. These images are also radiometrically corrected to standardize the colours, giving the impression that a single photo covers the entire area.
  • True orthophotos : Compared to a conventional orthomosaic, which rectifies the images at ground level, every visible feature on a true orthophoto is perfectly rectified, whether it’s on the ground or above. Therefore, buildings, lampposts, poles, etc., are rectified in a perfect plan view.
  • Oblique aerial photography : Oblique aerial photos are captured at a 45-degree angle from a vertical position. For each vertical photo, four oblique photos are taken: forward, backward, to the left and to the right.
  • RGB and infrared stereo models : These images provide stereoscopic vision and mapping for precise and detailed results.
  • Digital twin city : For projects that combine aerial photography and LiDAR surveys, XEOS Imaging can generate a realistic 3D representation of a city: a 3D digital twin. Using a web browser, you can navigate and map the area, take measurements and develop multiple interactive 3D applications.

All imagery products are georeferenced.

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